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Storage and control | You and travel experts, maybe just a poor package

Watching the sun in winter

Sun shines into the room through a window slit

This is like a touch of dawn in the dark

Illuminate the work in front of the computer Wang

Single dog overtime...

Use my little hand to hold my big face

"I really want to go out and walk. What is the world outside?"

I am going to conquer the Himalayas

I want to walk in Kilimanjaro

I am going to romantic Turkey

I'm going to wave in Palau

I want to do a wedding in Santorini

I want to see the sunset in Sabah


all of these

It has been decided that I will have a trip to go this year

What must be brought first?

The sunscreen is to be taken to protect my delicate face; the skirt is to be taken, and my long leg of 1 meter 2 is taken; if the coat is to be taken, what if it is cold? There is also a camera to take; cosmetics, Belts, shoes, belts, still three pairs of doubles; toiletries, belts! Watches, bags, snacks, first aid kits, ID cards, visas, wallets, etc.!~ Are you also tired of traveling? Do you feel annoyed? In fact, you just lack a good admission package ~ not believe it? You look down!

Six-piece storage bag

Public reason: With a super practical travel six-piece pouch, the suit includes size pockets, skincare packs, underwear storage bags, clothes storage bags, etc., all your clothes, wash Supplies become organized, no more wasting space in the box, very convenient and practical. This time, I felt refreshed when I was out on the trip. My mother never worried about my clothes.

Shoe storage bag

Public reasons: Outbound trips tend to have more pairs of shoes. In the past, they also worried that the shoes were soiled with other items. With shoe storage packages, these troubles are not a thing. You can quickly find the shoes you need. Also with a washable design, dirty but also washable, recycling, more environmentally friendly.

Washing supplies storage bag

Public reasons: Traveling and packing out luggage is the most troublesome thing. Travel wash bag to help you store toiletries, classified storage. Organize your luggage and save your finishing time. It is a good helper for your travel.

Document storage package

Public reasons: Going out, apart from the renminbi, you need to bring a lot of documents. ID cards, driver's licenses, visas, passes, and bank cards of major banks. Card Dokaduo, small and easy to lose. Document storage bag, multiple compartments, large volume, small footprint, what kind of certificate, at a glance will be able to come up with it.

Sanitary towel storage bag

Public reason: The girl travels and thinks when she is in a hurry, when she slips her hand into her bag and she desperately indents the hygienic cotton into the sleeve, and then looks around like a thief. No one has noticed how sad things are going to be around here. If you go out with this napkin, you can use it to put your Auntie towel in the bag. You are not afraid to take it out and squat on the toilet. Small cosmetic bag is also ok, anyway, the pattern is very cute.

Cosmetic storage bag

Public reason: Like the bear's beautiful MM look over, Love House and Ukrainian you should like this bear bear element makeup bag. Not only allows you to experience the romantic feelings of the cartoon culture but also has practicality ~ usually travel out of the skin care cosmetics things are mixed and more, if you have this large-capacity storage cosmetic bag can solve all the storage problems at once!

Digital storage box

Public reasons: Traveling out of the room, of course, would like to take a few more photos as nostalgia. Mobile phones, SLRs, data lines, micro bills, charging lines, etc. This digital storage box uses a hard shell material, not easy to deformation, shock and pressure, reduce the impact and strengthen the protection of accessories from damage. It has a waterproof effect and blocks out moisture, dust, and dirt, and can protect valuable digital products.

Artifact in hand, it's time to come and walk and walk!!

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