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South China Pet Products Show: Bernardine brings health and happiness to dogs and cats

On May 20th, Guangzhou South China Pet Products Exhibition, which included all major famous brands in the pet industry and attracted many domestic and foreign pet owners, ended perfectly. The summer heat can't stop the happy pace of the audience, but the enthusiasm of everyone! From May 18th to May 20th, Bernardsky Pure was attracted by many pet lovers from home and abroad during the 3-day exhibition period, and brought health and joy to dogs and cats through quality products and services!

2018 South China Pet Products Exhibition scale of 30,000 square meters, participating brands 2000 +, including high-end brand exhibitors at home and abroad is as many as more than 300. The event was unprecedented and various top racing dogs, precious cats, rare reptiles and other exotic pets gathered at the exhibition. Aromatherapy experience, cat beauty creativity, pet food DIY, pet training ... ... a variety of exciting activities. One of the dog contests hosted by Bernardine Chung brought together outstanding dogs from all over the world to join in a fun sport together!

The Bernardsky Pure Dog Games has already held two preliminaries before the South China Pet Products Show. The two games are brilliant. The winning dogs are even better athletes. In the final stage, there were surging crowds in the pavilion. This dog “Olympic” event was both fun and good-looking.

Endless movement, life is not only. Exercise allows the dog to vent his excess energy while also exercising his body and strengthening his body. In the dog sports event, rainbow runways, swimming races, unicycle racing races, and upgraded agile obstacle races are all interesting, and running, strolling, and thinking dogs all have their own cuteness. Owners who bring dogs to an athletic meeting can enhance the dog's constitution, increase the connection between the owner and the dog, and promote harmony among people.

Bernardsky has been deeply plowing the market for many years and has been committed to meeting the nutritional needs of pets and protecting the health of dogs and cats. During the exhibition, Bonaparte Pure Natural Foods and Viscon Nutrition & Health Care products unveiled in a professional appearance. They were welcomed and supported by the exhibiting audience. Among them, Bernardsky Pure SIMPLE Series, No Valley Fresh Series and Viscon V+ Series were obtained. Many consumers love it.

Caring for pet health and happiness, and not forgetting to be charitable and concerned about stray animals. At the scene, holding a photo of "Yi Bao" in love and collecting "love", Berner will present you with a "benefit bag." Many of the people on the scene who were good-hearted advocacy spontaneously spread their hearts and gave a warmth to stray animals.

Bernardsky is pure, with a scientific and rigorous attitude, persists in exploring the spirit of innovation, researches and develops healthy products that meet the needs of pets, allows pets to return to nature, and achieves harmony among people. Berner-day pure believe: If we are based on pets, depending on the pet to the pro, life will be better.

In the future, Bernardsky will participate in more pet interaction events. Stay tuned!

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